Life has taken Jon Clawd down many roads, but he has now fully arrived as a complex and multifaceted modern artist. His blend of soul, work, and originality has him moving steadily upward and those around him already know that he is heading towards bigger things. Lock in on him now, before the rest of the world beats you to it.

Jon Clawd recorded “Clawd Have Mercy” with Grammy-nominated producer Majid “Chi” Hasan at the console and the collaboration was a huge creative success. Clawd effortlessly spits tight, streamlined verses over Hasan’s tough, technical grooves that help to propel him forward. The sound is unlike any other in trap music, and stands out against the hordes of sound-alike fame-thirsty rappers on the current scene. Jon Clawd has also been working on his emerging web series Little Town, Big Trouble, an ongoing project that he helps write, cast, film, and direct. A new single, “Jemmi Kemmil”, is in the works as well. Make sure to check out his new album labeled “Fried Fish and Moohshine”!